Mahtab Pasta

Hi! I’m Mahtab. I like to eat, cook, bake, read and talk about food.  I don’t like capers, ocra (unless fried), eggplant (unless it’s in dip form), and – even though I’ve tried many times to convince myself otherwise – oysters.

I also have an inexplicable love of kitchen gadgets and thereby a tendency to persuade my husband into agreeing that yes, we do need a manual citrus juicer and an electric one because sometimes you want to squeeze blood oranges directly into your cake batter but on Saturday mornings, you may prefer to go downstairs in your pajamas to start getting OJ ready for the mimosas you’ve promised your neighbours no more than ten minutes before they are due to come over.

After roughly four years of downtown living, we recently bid farewell to our much-adored one-bedroom condo in Ottawa’s golden triangle and moved to suburbia in a house where the two of us and all of our belongings occupy about 1/50th of the space.  On weekdays, I work on our organization’s web site  by aiming to improve user experience and the information architecture. When I’m not at work, I can be found searching for my next cooking or baking project or similarly; in the kitchen attempting to tackle said project, which I will be documenting here.

Thanks for stopping by!